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According to reports, Kim Kardashian and Angelina Jolie are big fans of microneedling. It has also received a lot of media attention, with supporters claiming that this incredibly easy procedure may even remove stretch marks.

In order to perform microneedling, a “derma roller” with more than 150 small, short needles is used. They are applied to the skin and gently rolled over it to make tiny punctures that trigger the skin’s natural regeneration process.

With just a few microneedling treatments, you may expect to notice a dramatically tighter, smoother, and clearer complexion because anything that increases collagen is obviously a good thing.

What Is Microneedling Good For?

Microneedling is not only a face-only procedure; it can be used to treat a variety of body parts, including the hands, stomach, neck, face, and even the neck and scalp for hair regrowth. Depending on the area to be treated, different sized needles may be utilised. Microneedling works well for:

✓ building new collagen
✓ healing scars
✓ reducing fine lines and wrinkles
✓ improving acne scars
✓ reducing stretch marks

Dermapen Radiofrequency & Microneedling

In order to stimulate collagen formation, the ground-breaking dermapen radiofrequency system combines fractional radiofrequency with microneedling technology. This helps to heal acne scars, reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and enhance skin sagging, tone, and texture. Collagen is boosted by dermapen, resulting in smoother, younger-looking skin.In contrast to microneedling alone, radiofrequency and microneedling together can penetrate the dermis, making it efficient on all skin types.Options with and without radiofrequency are available.

Instant & Ongoing Skin Improvements With Microneedling

Improvements can be seen practically right away, and as the skin continues to regenerate, you’ll notice even better results in the coming weeks and months. Microneedling is a minimally invasive and extraordinarily safe cosmetic procedure that offers results equivalent to those of lasers and chemical peels at a fraction of the price. For the greatest outcomes, we advise a course of therapies.

Microneedling Consultations At Top Aesthetics Clinic In Canada Water

Please schedule a consultation if you’d like to learn more about if microneedling is the best option for you. During the consultation, we’ll talk about your needs, determine whether you are a good candidate for treatment, address your concerns, and go over the procedure and associated expenses.